Let's escape !

Walks, short hikes, bike rides, even naps – they are all an excuse to escape, to get away. The art of the journey is reinventing itself. Now new experiences are all about rediscovering what is at our doorstep, tuning in to simple sensations, going on simpler, more sustainable mini-adventures!

Both utilitarian and better for people and planet, European flax is part of this journey. It can be mobile and joyful for camping, always providing support with its lightness and technicity. Nomadic and design-focused, it is imbued with a simple luxury, translating innovation into new tactile sensations.

Elegant and exotic, it bridges the gap between city and nature: versatile, easy-going, deftly borrowing from folklore and traditions, both real and imagined.

Inspired by camping, rustic treehouses, a simple and unrestrained lifestyle. Designers and architects are closely following trends focused on living frugally and closer to nature, generating ideas both bold and beautiful. Using light materials and structures always ready to be moved or disassembled minimizes our impact, allowing us to leave nature just as we had found it when we leave. Inspiring, easily realized objects and concepts made possible by the inherently natural properties of flax resources all help infuse humor and the joy of living into the mundanity of our daily lives.
A happy life does not need to be overly hectic. “Let’s escape” means getting away from excess, from everything unnecessary to focus on the essential. It means surrounding yourself with meaningful objects and clothing ready for a long life of use whose beauty increases with age. It means a discreet opulence based on irreproachable quality and sustainability, solid and luxurious materials. The natural, artless beauty of linen ennobles the neo shaker style by focusing on refined and timeless sport-chic. Linen, with its tactile richness, tirelessly reimagines classic archetypes, able to enhance the natural elegance of a costume or elevate a simple T-shirt.
The fascination for journeys endures, whether they be real or virtual, meticulously documented or purposefully fantastic. One accumulates diverse images that bridge countries and eras and celebrate the beauty of imagined folklore. Linen shows off its most multicultural and timeless properties, adorned by noble irregularities. Plain and rudimentary like nomadic fabrics, it is also ornate like ethnic costumes, solid and all-purpose like work clothing. Its weight and features blur the line between rugs, blankets, and clothing. Geometric jacquards, berber stripes, tireless lightweight canvas – a collection underpinned by emotion.
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After an ON AIR spring/summer with an emphasis on lightness and silhouettes in flight, the ADVANCED CRAFT theme positions linen as an indispensable partner in outdoor and outer apparel.

Both insulating and heating, linen has a myriad of uses thanks to its technical and environmental characteristics. Jackets and coats make up a colourful, flexible wardrobe, augmented through technical performance for external use, from business wear to outdoor chic. The need to be outside, out and about, in nature or in the city, feels like a welcome change after the casual/loungewear wave of the past 2 years.

The world of denim that is universal and unifying has mastered the art of cultivating the feeling of use, accepting the natural patina and traces of wear and tears of jean fabric - the footprints we leave behind.
The casual, gender-less wardrobe makes up the building blocks of our lives. It can be classic, punk, or even couture, and is a powerful element for self-expression with potential for a million personalized permutations.
Maintaining these key traits and welcoming a diversity of visuals and colours always helps to usher in new developments. Continuously reworking casual fabrics and jean archetypes for everyday pieces, mixed with chic, sport, or a touch of grunge.
Although it has been declared outdated, the suit continues to evolve in the present and future.
Rigorous cuts, top-quality materials, an eye for detail, attaching equal care to the hidden side and face side of fabric meets the needs of modern consumers: fashion that relies mostly on quality for reasonable, more sustainable consumption, beyond male/female cliches.
City life and nature - you no longer have to choose one or the other! Nature is entering our cities through projects such as urban forests, plant-covered buildings, and landscape parks and gardens. In fashion, the outdoor urban segment has a bright future. The influence of sportswear and active sport can be seen in hybrid shapes, finishes and accessories directly borrowed from technical apparel.
Its characteristics are carefully designed for being active, going out in the city, and even bike rides. These new, increasingly versatile uses are become common for telework or important in-person events and can even work for outdoor excursions.
The nobility of natural materials is enhanced by raw, pure forms, which showcase its imperfections. As part of the Raw Design movement, clothing is viewed as a unique item shaped by the hands of a potter or a sculptor. Materials that come from nature are artistically coloured and reinterpreted. Their luxury is coupled with making the most of artisanal, ancient, or extremely modern methods. These materials have inspired a fashion reflecting a minimalism that is rich to the touch and placing colour, thread and fabric front and centre. Where one can wrap oneself in a coat or jacket with feigned insouciance.
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For Spring/Summer 2023, flax is taking off with greater lightness and technicality.

Buoyed by a light breeze and mild climates, flax, naturally breathable, is coming alive and catching every refreshing gust.

Lightness is the theme of the season. A lightness that is breathable, transparent, aerial and airy, dense and undulating like flags in the wind, agitated, rippled like water caressed by air streams, mobile, and fluid like drying linen. Light like the spirit of the times.

Refine and soften almost into nothingness, giving flax dresses and shirts the chance to soar.
More weightlessness, more grace and technique, yet less material.
The transparency of Spring/Summer 23 filters colour and bursts into a million brilliant explosions.
Nature’s breeze lifts up the airy fabric, undulating its crisp strands.
The patterns of the coloured cloth are diffused by the sunlight.
Fabric and meshes with an open structure that let air through and paint with nothingness.
Delicate fishnets, sophisticated flax netting and coarse nets serve as ornaments inspired by organic shapes and geometric structures.
There are more and more complex intersections, down to the most delicate lace.
Meshes and gauzes blend together in poetic harmony.
For fashion and home, these sophisticated decorations reconcile refreshing creativity and the power of nature.
When the wind blows across fabric… the clothing bursts forth, and so do its colours.
Fine fabrics and high-density poplin, invisible coating that is durable and crisp to the touch, flax flush with a silver hue like the wings of a glider.
A live, intense, colourful lightness, with simple two-colour stripes that are somewhere on the scale between pop art and boat sail.
Decorative clothing and textiles brimming with contagious joyful energy.
A breath on the surface of flax. Embossed outlines, hypnotic undulations, vibrant micro-textures, and irregular seersuckers breathe life into the fabrics.
Haphazard pleats, 3D honeycomb shapes, Jacquard pockets play with air and capture it to achieve additional lightness.
These fabrics appear thick but are soft, comfortable, and refreshing.
The colours mix and mingle.
A cosy summer casual is on the horizon.
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The time has come to EXPAND our horizon. To imagine new fields of possibilities. To rediscover, in this digital era, the expressive power of materials. To shape long-lasting designs.

A responsible creative recovery towards a dynamic balance: linen as material of choice, safe, durable with a low environmental impact combines with functional solutions and blends for well-designed, comfortable and resilient collections.

Linen Trends for fashion textiles by Elementi Moda for CELC

Exploring new territories, elegance becomes rigorous and comfortable with accurate details.

Colours are obscure combined with radiant flashes and softened by veiled lights.

High density linen weaves, cosmic shimmering surfaces, linen-wool in a mix of stripes and checks, double-face linen crêpe, graphic jacquards. Shirting is compact and precious.
Nostalgia of simple things. Lounge style with durable seasonless materials.

Sensitive shades speaking the language of cosy living in a delicate but contemporary atmosphere.

Soft materials breathing and warm in linen-wool-cashmere, variations of textured stripes and checks, small textures. Washed linen, vegetal vintage prints, linen-silk-cashmere jersey, lace with a romantic touch.
Natural comfort in everyday life in a mix of irregular, artisanal aspects and protective technical materials.

Colours are borrowed from nature, expressing roughness and softness, simplicity and abundance, the authenticity of materials.

Rough textures in linen-wool, flannelled brushed felted finishings, plaid checks and stripes, compact linen-wool fleece, bonded technical weaves, waterproof in 100% linen breathable, thermal.
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The Linen Road takes us through history, emotions and beauty along an open timeline as the fibre of civilization for 38,000 years.

New scenarios and growth impulses emerge while fashion wants to change rhythm and styles are no longer identity indicators.

A responsible creative recovery towards a dynamic balance: linen as material of choice, safe, durable with a low environmental impact combines with functional solutions and blends for well-designed, comfortable and resilient collections.

Linen Trends for fashion textiles by Elementi Moda for CELC

Precious images of primordial past tracing the origin of Linen highlight a suspended time and timeless materials.

The handcrafted trend loses rusticity. The naturalness of linen is emphasized by controlled imperfections: elaborated mix of fibres, roving yarns, mélange colours, micro-macro textures and stripes.
The universal blues introduce an essential low-profile atmosphere of high quality.

The familiar aspects of tonal micro geometrics, graded blue checks, striped gauzes, fine linen denim, blue pigment dye become durable timeless fabrics and interpret an androgynous rigorous style.
Projects arise at the boundary line of creativity, art, fashion, design. Joining past and present we are projected into the future.

The range of blue green, harmonized by violet, is expression of refined freshness and formal harmony.

The contrast of mat and shine stands out in linen-silk shirting, tonal linen-silk herringbone, compact lightweight stretch linen, fine linen cashmere blends for a smooth touch.
The historical memory of the Ancient Egypt inspires inventions to promote contemporary and conscious materials.

The range of greens vibrates of acidic tones and deep nuances stolen from the rich vegetation of Nile. It highlights the desire of revenge of an abused nature.

Irregular space-dyed chenille yarn, shot shirting checks, jerseys in linen blends, pique relief in linen-cotton, tonal Jacquard, marled fine basketweave in mix of fine and coarse yarns.
A path along the “linen road” crossing Pompei, inspiration source for products with a strong aesthetic value.

Warm and burnt tones, reddish and golden shades are an invitation to positivity, to an emotional and feelgood design.

Shirting stripes with printed yarn show polychromatic combinations. Compact linen with shiny coating, precious blends with a touch of gold, geometric tubular weave, loose honeycomb weave.
Thought goes to Flanders, historic lands where the most precious, fine and shiny flax fibre is cultivated.

The luminous yellow in all its variations is the vigorous, energizing, nourishing element.

The golden patina, the warm brightness give value to textured monochromatic fabrics. Fine linen with gold print, marled yarn with a touch of metal, bouclé relief stripe, waxed water-repellency, tonal gauze.
The current present leads us to the capitals of fashion. Milan instills its creative energy into sophisticated and unique products.

The range of vibrant reds fades in a delicate pink and plays contrast with a saturated burgundy.

The printed florals or pictorial designs tailor the textures in light fluid linen. Shiny and matte linen-silk, laser-cut linen weaves, bright linen and banana fibre blends, raised stripes, honeycomb jersey, lacquered effects interpret a seductive style.
In Paris the Haute Couture is protagonist and dares complex, sensual and glamorous materials.

The fuchsia pink of Schiaparelli leads the game together with delicate pink and traditional violet of impressionist painting.

Lightness, transparency, movement characterize the 100% Linen voile, floral jacquards, glittering yarns, iridescent prints, shiny twill, compact satin.
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